Help & FAQs

Purchasing a Product

  1. How do I purchase the products?

    You need to select the product first, Add to Cart, click on Checkout and proceed to make the payment from the available Payment options.

  2. How long will it take for the products to be delivered to me?

    You will have access to products within a couple of minutes once you make the payment, available for download in your Member's Area.

  3. I am not sure if my payment was successful or not?

    A confirmation email of your successful purchase will be sent at your email by CertPaper and the Payment processor.

Product Questions

  1. Which different CertPaper products are available?

    CertPaper provides its customers with products for Certification and Exam Training in Test Engine form: Questions and Answers (Q&A) The Questions and Answers should be utilized to prepare for the exam in detail, passing your exam is Warranty with the Q&A. All the topics required to pass the exam are covered in comprehensive way through the questions and correct answers along with explanations (where available). Q&A are provided in Test Engine format.

  2. How will I access Questions & Answers Product?

    CertPaper provides the Question & Answer in the form of an Interactive Test Engine. The Test Engine provides you with a Virtual Exam (test yourself with exam questions with a time limit), Practice exam (review exam questions one by one, see correct answers and explanations). The Test Engine is downloadable, installed on your PC. The "Exam Setting and Question Filter" allow you to customize the Test Engine according to your requirements.


  1. How is my product Warranty?

    Success Warranty provided for a specific exam can be found on the Exam Page for that product. For further details you can visit our Warranty page.

  2. How do I claim Warranty?

    In case of failure in your exam, you need to email your failed transcript at Also mention your preferred solution, product Extension or Product Exchange instead of refund.

  3. How do I ask for a refund?

    If you fail to pass your exam with our Products or service we will either credit your CertPaper account for future purchase or refund you. If you need a refund please contact