Department of legal and material Support

The department of Legal and Material Support consists of section of legal and analytical issues, financial and logistical section, security service, staff of the chancellery and staff of the members of High Council of Justice.

Functions of the department are following: representation of High Council of Justice in the common courts of Georgia and Constitutional Court; elaboration of proposals related to Euro-Atlantic integration within the competence of High Council of Justice; ensuring of legislative drafting activity of High Council of Justice; Elaboration of proposals related to court administration; elaboration of proposals and recommendations in support of the judicial reform; ensuring logistic and financial support; spending of budget resources and material values allocated to the Council from the State Budget; registration and sending of documents of High Council of Justice and its staff; organization of common rules of case management in the Council; Ensuring public order in the administrative building of High Council of Justice and in High Council of Justice.

Head of the Department _ Giorgi Pavladze

Deputy chief of Deparment _

Section of legal and analytical isssues

Head of the section _

Senior Consultant _ levan Gorelashvili

Consultant _ Gvantsa Tsulukidze

Consultant _ Ushangi Bakhtadze


Head of the section _

Consultant _ Ekaterine Gvilava

Staff of the members of High Counsil of Justice

Reviewer _

Reviewer _ Tea Japaridze

Reviewer _ Kristine Topadze

Mandatures Service

Head of Mandatory’s Service





Financial and Logistical Section

Head of Section _ Giorgi Mumladze

Accountant General _ Zeinab Dekanoidze

Senior Consultant _ Konstanine Buiglishvili

Senior Consultant _ Lasha Sultanishvili

Consultant _ Giorgi Kariauli

Consultant _ Chabuka Kordzadze

Consultant _