Quality Management and Standarts

Justice is one of the forms of Authority Implementation; it is being implemented by Common Courts through Civil, Administrative and Criminal Case Proceeding.

The quality of Justice determinates also Court staff in addition with work of Judge.

Citizens can contact the Court staff employees by phone or personally. The primary demand of them is to have communication with qualified and polite officials and to implement adequate Legal procedures operative and perfectly in the environment comfortable for them.

The High Council of Justice ensures consolidation of civil faith and belief to Judiciary administration within its competence. HCOJ has obtained the following decisions to improve service in Common Courts:

a) Citizen Communication Standards in HCOJ and Common Courts of Georgia was affirmed by decision of High Council of Georgia, which defines HCOG and Common Courts employees personal and electronic rule of communication with citizens and sets standards of employee appearance.

b) By decision of HCOG the Department of Public Relations and Quality Management was created with the object of Elaboration of qualitative indicators and standards for the operation of common courts of Georgia; creation of quality management group and coordination of its activities; Inculcation of adequate

Procedures and services accessible for citizens and Common Court employees, permanent simplification, control of quality and improvement.