The following types of encouragement can be applied to a servant for exemplary performance of official duties, longtime service in good faith, or fulfillment of a task of special complexity or importance:

(a) declaration of appreciation;

(b) one time pecuniary award;

(c) award of a valuable gift;

(d) raise in official remuneration rate.

It is allowed to apply several types of encouragement at a time.

A declaration of appreciation may be issued to a servant by a superior official who has the right to issue an order.

A one-time pecuniary award, award of a valuable gift or raise in official remuneration rate may be applied by an official or an institution, which is authorized to recruit the relevant servant.

Every superior official and institution is authorized to lodge a motivated recommendation for use of any form of encouragement to a servant.

Transfer to a higher position may be recommended by a person or an institution authorized to appoint the relevant servant.

A servant may be recommended for a higher-level position if he/she has been serving in his/her office for at least 6 months and has been recommended for promotion by the Competition and Qualification Commission.

Official promotion of a servant may be effected at the servant’s written consent.

If several servants are recommended for promotion to a single position, the servant who has received the highest scores according to qualification results will occupy the position.

A servant is not eligible for official promotion in the time when he/she is serving a disciplinary liability measure.