General policy and appointment rules

Employees of the High Council of Justice are public servants who are divided into State servants and supporting servants.

A State servant is a public servant appointed to a position included into the staffing table of the High Council of Justice.

A supporting servant is a public servant who is a technical worker hired on an employment contract.

A legally capable citizen of Georgia who possesses appropriate knowledge and experience, has attained the age of 21 and is fluent in theGeorgianStatelanguage is eligible to become a State servant.

A person will not be accepted if he/she:

(a) has been convicted for a deliberate crime and the conviction has not been abolished;

(b) is being investigated or is detained;

(c) has been declared legally incapable or having limited legal capability by a court decision;

(d) has been deprived of the right to occupy the relevant position by a court;

(e) does not meet the necessary health requirements to occupy the relevant position, as confirmed by a medical conclusion;

(f) would have superior-subordinate relations with his/her parent, spouse, sister, brother, child or his/her spouse’s sister, brother or parent if he/she were to occupy the relevant position;

(g) is applying for a foreign country citizenship, unless otherwise prescribed by the Georgian law or aGeorgia’s international treaty.