How to lodge a disciplinary complaint

According to the Georgian legislation, justice is administered by common courts through criminal, civil and administrative proceedings, while disciplinary proceedings against judges are dealt with the by the High Council of Justice of Georgia.

Disciplinary proceedings against a judge may start, inter alia, based on a complaint or application lodged by any person.

A citizen who believes that a judge has committed any type of disciplinary misconduct is authorized to address the High Council of Justice with an application or a complaint thereabout. An application (complaint) should be addressed to the Secretary of the High Council of Justice. The application must identify himself/herself in and sign under the application (complaint). Anonymous applications (complaints) will not be accepted.

A judge will not be held liable under disciplinary rule if 5 years have lapsed since the commission of the disciplinary misconduct.

By its decision, the High Council of Justice merely evaluates the conduct of a judge under the disciplinary rule but the Council’s decision cannot replace a judicial act and cannot become a basis for amending and/or abolishing a court decision, order, judgment or resolution. The power to amend and/or abolish judicial decisions, in circumstances and in accordance with rules established by law, falls only within the competence of courts – organs responsible for administration of justice.