Measures of disciplinary liability

When selecting a type of disciplinary punishment, the Disciplinary Panel will take into account the nature and gravity of the disciplinary misconduct, results is has caused or could have caused, and the level of guilt.

Types of disciplinary punishment are: a notice; a reprimand; a strict reprimand; dismissal from the judicial office; and removal of a judge included in the reserve of common court judges from the reserve.

From the moment the Disciplinary Panel makes a decision to dismiss a judge from office, the judge must be removed from the consideration of a case and performance of other official powers, in accordance with rules established by law.

The Disciplinary Panel may use the following measures of disciplinary effect in relation to a judge:

  1. Send a private recommendation letter to the judge;
  2. Dismiss a chair of a court, a first deputy or a deputy chair of a court or a chair of a judicial panel or chamber from the chairmanship office.