The Supreme Court of Georgia

Address: #32 Br. Zubalashvili str. Tbilisi

Tel: 253 09 14; 253 09 15

The Supreme Court of Georgia is the highest and the final instance cassation court of law on the entireterritoryofGeorgia. The Supreme Court, in the established procedural manner, supervises administration of justice by the Georgian common courts and discharges competences envisaged in Articles 63, 64, 88 and 90 of the Georgian Constitution.

A chamber of the Supreme Court of Georgia is a cassation instance court, which, according to rules prescribed by the procedural law, adjudicates cassation complaints lodged against decisions of appeals courts, other cases within its jurisdiction in circumstances and according to rules prescribed by law as wells as complaints against decisions of the Restitution and Compensation Commission in case of violation of procedures laid down in the Law of Georgia on Property Restitution and Compensation for Persons Who Became Victims on the Territory of Georgia as a Result of the Conflict in the Former South Ossetian Autonomous District.