HCOJ is an independent organ, created to co-ordinate the judiciary system and to promote the effectiveness and independence of the judiciary .

Main functions of HCOJ are: organization of qualification exams of judges, selection and appointment of judges of trial and appellate courts, disciplinary proceedings, legislative drafting and analytical work, quality management and relationship with the public.

High Council of Justice establishes regional (city) and appellate courts and specialized court panels. The Council defines: territorial jurisdiction of regional (city) and appellate courts and number of judges, territorial jurisdiction, number and composition of magistrate judges, composition of court panels, number and composition of Chambers of appellate courts and investigative panel, specialization of regional (city) court judges.

Upon proposal of the High Council of Justice, the Constitutional Court of Georgia hears proposals related to the constitutionality of normative acts with articles 82, 84, 86-e, 861, 87-. and 90 of the Constitution.

HCOJ is a guarantee of independence of the judiciary.

HCOJ Rule of activity is defined (determined) by Regulation, stated by 3/5 portion of full composition of HCOJ.