Certpaper Terms and Conditions

This web site is a property of the Company "certpaper.com" and is operated by the same.

This Company gives the customers access to a variety of certification exams through www.certpaper.com . Your visit or usage of this web site signifies that you understandably accept these Terms and Conditions and verify that these terms establish a binding contract between you as a customer and the Company.

Please go through the Terms and Conditions carefully. The company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions anytime without notice and leaves for you the responsibility to regularly check this page for changes in Terms and Conditions.

Product Details

The company tries to be fully accurate as possible in the products on the web site. However, the Company does not guarantee that Product Details and all other content on the web site is fully accurate, dependable, updated or flawless. If your purchased product on the web site does not fit the Product Details, your job is to contact our live support or support team via e-mail ASAP.

Privacy Policy

Please check our PRIVACY POLICY(hyperlink: privacy policy) here, we have integrated its provisions in these Terms and Conditions with reference. By using our web site and buying a product, you as a customer, confirm that you have fully read and understood all provisions of Privacy Policy in detail.


All the content on www.certpaper.com like the graphics, logos, buttons, text, audio clips, images, downloads and other data is the property of the Company or the suppliers and is sheltered by domestic and International Copyright Laws wherever needed.

The compilation of all data on the web site belongs to the Company and is protected by International and Domestic Copyright Laws. The software used and available on the web site is a property of the Company or the respective software vendors and is secured by Domestic and International Copyright Laws.

Copyright Illnesses

The Company gives due respect to the property rights of other owners. If you see that your property is used on our web site in a manner that violates your copyright, please ping us on support@certpaper.com and we will get back to you right away.

Licensing of Products and Web site Access

The Company allows its customers a limited time license to access the web site, the purchased product and the services we offer and that is solely for personal use.

The Company license doesn't allow anyone to carry out any of the following without prior permission from the Company: Downloading, Changing and Reproducing Content, Copying, or any other derivative use of the web site content; Use of the product descriptions or prices; Usage of Data Mining or similar data collection; Using or copying the trademarks, logos and all other web site content (pictures, text, page layout); or any use of the web site or the contents on it, for commercial use.

Fraudulent Act

You as a customer, fully agree to cooperate with the Company in the interrogation by the Company or its representatives against fraudulent or false activity in relation to the use of the web site and its products, which includes and is not limited to, fraudulent charge backs via credit cards and wrong claims about non-receipt of products.

Third Party Policy

The web site may contain different link building for web sites maintained by third parties, the Company does not control or supervise the products and information being offered on third party web sites, and is not responsible for examining or checking the third party products, and therefore is not liable for any products, actions or activities related to those third party web sites.

Posting of Reviews and Comments and other Content

The visitors can post comments and reviews on the web site but only if it is not illegal or threatening, violation of privacy, infringement on property rights or hurtful to third parties, doesn't contain any malware or political campaigning, chain messages, mass e-mails or any other form of spam text.

Usage of wrong e-mail addresses or lying about the origin of posted content is strictly prohibited. The Company reserves the rights to remove, edit or reproduce any content posted by you on the web site. By posting any content, you give the company full rights to modify, translate, reproduce, create stuff from, display or give out such content in any form of media, anywhere in the world.

By posting content on the web site, you allow the Company and the licensees, full rights to use the name you submit in connection to the posted content. You confirm and verify that the posted content is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and its usage doesn't violate the copyrights or property rights and you guarantee to keep the Company aside from any aftereffects of posting such content on the web site.

The company reserves the right to edit, modify or monitor the content on the web site and is not responsible for any content posted on the web site by visitors or third parties.


You agree to keep safe the Company and all of its employees from any losses, damages or attorney fees arising out of your usage of our web site or your violation of Copyrights of the web site or property rights of third parties.

Governing Rules and Law

The existing party in case of any legal procedures related to the above mentioned Terms and Conditions will be eligible for reimbursement of reasonable attorney fees, expert fees and other court costs with any additional relief Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, despite of its conflict of law rules. In case of any dispute with the Terms and Conditions arising out of your use of the web site and its products, you agree to the personal jurisdiction of the U.K. and federal courts situated in the authority of the court.


You as a customer, agree to receive notifications from the Company by e-mail, mail and by posting notices on our web site.

Notices posted on the web site are received within 24 hours.

Notices sent by e-mail should be received immediately unless we get a failure delivery notification for the e-mail.

Notices sent via postal mail should be considered received after 3 business days.


The failure of the Company to implement any of the Terms and Conditions should be considered as a concession in Terms and Conditions or drawback of the Company to strictly implement and force all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions


You accept that the violation of any of the Terms and Conditions can cause irreversible damages for which the extent can be difficult to project. You hereby agree, that the Company will be entitled to claim relief for the violation of its Terms and Conditions without filing a surety along with all other rights.


If any of the above mentioned Terms and Conditions is found unenforceable or invalid by a court of jurisdiction, it will be changed to the extent to make it valid and implementable. If it cannot be so modified, it will be removed from the web site and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder of Terms and Conditions.

Complete Agreement

These Terms and Conditions establish the complete agreement between you and the company with regards to the material on the web site.